What Happened the Night I walked Home…

Disclaimer: language

So Reader, this is what happened:

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My Fear of Failure

I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s not something I like to talk about, but I do feel like it’s one of those universal things that needs to be mentioned and admitted by a lot of twenty year olds.

I’m terrified of this “adulthood thing.” I’m petrified that every day that I wake up I’m one day closer to being a grown up. I don’t feel ready…I heard that’s normal…but if I’m honest I feel like I am the least prepared for this “world living thing.” I wasn’t kidding when I said I don’t have a lot of things together.

How I've been feeling about adulthood lately Photo

How I’ve been feeling about adulthood lately, thestudentguide.com

I don’t. I am continuously frustrated with school and over the course of this week I’ve just been feeling incredibly tired and fed up with so many things in my academic and personal life.

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Four things Singleness Continues to Teach Me about Love

I’ve legitimately been single FOREVER. I’ve been the third wheel, the chronic wallflower and the one in the perpetual friendzone. Basically, I’m awesome at being single.

Guys I found my spirit human, she's the one with the face! http://www.thegloss.com

Guys I found my spirit human, she’s the one with the face! thegloss.com

I’ve learned how to be a people watcher, I’ve learned how to be okay with the awkwardness that comes with being a third wheel and I’ve learned more about relationships then I ever would have had I been the person in the middle of the experience. People like to say that singleness is a horrible state; I say it’s not. I say it can be good. It’s lonely and comfortable and frustrating and fulfilling and painful and the most content thing that could ever happen to me. Singleness IS a bit like love, I’d even say singleness is about learning to be in a relationship with yourself…which I realize sounds kind of weird.

See I think that if singleness is a season then I figure its existence in our lives is meant to teach us something. What that is is based on the individual but I think that singleness is a necessary evil that’s taught me a lot.

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No, I’m not good at Holy

If I’m honest, I’m a horrible Christian. See I’m good at acting like one. I know how to make my prayers sound great, and I know how to act in a church. I know what to say. I know when to say it and to whom, but when it comes to actual Christianity, I mean the actually believing and trusting in God part, I’m not great at that. I’ve created, or maybe accepted, certain expectations about what I’m supposed to be like.

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